Self-esteem, obedience, bravery, freedom...

The Battle of Thermopylae is one of the most important battles of Greek and world history, primarily from a moral point of view. The Spartans fought bravely against a superior enemy and remained in their positions until the end, knowing that the show was uneven. They are a timeless source of inspiration, the absolute example of self-sacrifice for the homeland and society.

We are a group of simple Greeks who believe that Thermopylae are a place of martyr who exudes the Spartan cultural values ​​that made Xerxes wonder for those terrible warriors who were balding their hair as they were preparing to face them in the summer of 480 BC .

We believe that our attitude and work in relation to this top global historical event is an insult to its size and its moral dimension, that this situation must be reversed, and that this is the work and responsibility of all of us. More...

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