Battle of Thermopylae Honour March

The battle of Thermopylae is one of the most important events in military history and it has
contributed significantly to the good reputation of ancient Greece. It would be a grave insult
if we did not show the appropriate respect to this heroic event and its moral dimension. We
believe that it is our responsibility to ensure this does not happen.
Therefore, our club “Leonidas Trophy”, organizes the 25 km long “Honour March” every
year, on a section of Anopaia path, on mount Kallidromon in Thermopylae area, every 3 rd
Sunday of September.
The scope of this commemorative march is to show our respect and gratitude to the sacrifice
of Spartan King Leonidas and his warriors and also to ensure that this particular battle
continues to enjoy global appreciation.
The events of this battle have revealed some special greek mentality characteristics, the self-
sacrifice in the name of a higher collective purpose : for the defence of our country and our
The event takes place annually since 2011 and attracts persons of all ages from all over
Greece and other countries.
We hope that our initiative will survive for the years to come and that it will become an
international event, together with other activities such as :
 Relevant academic lectures
 Award for best research study on the event and the ancient Spartan culture
 Other athletic activities related to ancient Greece

Our vision is that this initiative will stimulate the interest of a large number of people who
share the same values and with our club, we will contribute to a reconstruction of the
Thermopylae area so it becomes a place of international highlight.