he Battle of Thermopylae is one of the top events of our military history, which has greatly contributed to the reputation Achaia has enjoyed worldwide. The non-rewarding of the corresponding price by the neo-Hellenists in Leonidas and its fellow citizens is an insult to the size of the historical event and its moral dimension. We firmly believe that this situation must be reversed and it is the work and responsibility of all of us.

To this end, LEONIDA Troopio organizes every year the course of the LEONIDA TRIPAIO price of 25 km on a section of the opening of the Calidromos mountain range, in the wider area of ​​Thermopylae, on the third Sunday of each September.

The aim of the course is to appreciate the tribute and gratitude for the sacrifice of the Spartan King Leonidas and his co-fighters, as well as the emergence of a remarkable reputation for our country and its military traditions, a specific battle of global reach, Greek characteristics, which make up SELF-EMPLOYMENT in the name of a higher collective affair, philosophy and freedom.

The event is organized annually from 2011 and attracts people of all ages from all regions of Greece (for example, Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Drama, Kilkis, Giannitsa, Aridaia, Kozani, Larissa, Trikala, Lamia, Chalkida, , as well as Greeks living abroad (combined with their permission).

Take our initiative not only to continue in the coming years, but also to become an international activity that includes not only the route mentioned above but also events such as:

► Academic speeches

► Daily invitation for research work or study on the event but also for the education of Ancient Greeks and Spartans in particular

► Organizing sports competitions

Our dream is our initiative to bring together a significant number of our compatriots who follow similar principles and values ​​and gradually create an appropriate union that could help (financially and / or organizationally) the competent bodies in the better configuration of the monument site, the construction of the museum, etc.